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How to live a happier life

You can decide that you will live a happier life, starting right now. I think I can tell you how to live a happier life, unfailingly, in less than 900 words. I also believe that you can take this transformative step without medication, psychotherapy, coaching, or anything other than a decision. What’s not to like? There is a continuous cycle between our mindset (our expectations of the world), our behavior (how we act based on our mindset), our experience (how our…

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Do You Want to be Happy?

Here’s an easy question, a universal question: Would you like to be happy? Well, duh. Try an experiment with me.  Really.  Like most things in life, this will be more useful if you actually do it as opposed to just thinking about it.  Take a piece of paper, turn it sideways, and make three columns.  I’ll wait while you go get the necessary supplies. First, in the left most column of your paper, write down the first three things that come…

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