How people change

How people change [/psychAMA]

If you want to know how people change, read this post. Change your mind, change your mood, change your life. What follows combines two of my favorite subjects: the psychology of belief and the need for radical civility in political discourse. Doesn’t sound all that sexy, I admit. But understanding why we hate ambiguity is the key to understanding how people change – or don’t. It’s also key to how we got where we are in the state of political discourse.…

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How to overcome anxiety [/psychAMA]

On day 5 of the Problogger challenge, a post to answer one of the questions that came up a lot when I askied for things you’ve always wanted to ask a psychologist: how to overcome anxiety. First, you are not alone I wasn’t surprised that anxiety was a common theme. Anxious feelings are extraordinarily common and takes a lot of forms. If I asked, 90% of you would say that you sometimes feel anxious, and the rest of you either didn’t understand the question…

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