Les-Image-3---for-web-450x300Hey, you! Yes, you!

Are you living the BadAss life you always thought you could, if only you’d had the chance? Have you instead found yourself climbing life’s ladder only to find it’s been against the wrong wall? Are you stuck being one of the guys, wishing you could be instead the man you always wanted to be? Or are you one of the people who loves one of those guys?

Do you run a business that you want to take to the next level of awesome so that people are beating down the doors to work for you?

I’ve been busy building something for people just like you.


For the past few years I’ve taken to naming my years, a ritual learned from a friend.

In 2013, the year of thinking dangerously, for the first time in my life I contemplated suicide more than fleetingly, took the risk of opening up my heart and inner desires to Maddie even more intimately than I had, and turned 60 realizing that I had to make serious changes in my life.

In 2014, the year of living boldly, I left my very-well-compensated job in corporate America for the life of a consultant, speaker, coach, and writer; Maddie and I both fell in love with Flaun and the three of us were hand-fasted six months later; and I’m about to re-launch the website and blog, to seriously begin to pursue doing the work that I feel called to do.

Along the way I learned a few things. High on the list of lessons is that if you’re going to name your years, you should do so carefully.

Intentions are powerful, much more powerful than plans or projects or goals. Intentions have a way of drawing in the things that we really want and need, even though the form in which it manifests is often unexpected.

Intentions aren’t about wishful thinking. They’re about knowing yourself well enough to recognize what feels really right, and having the courage to reach for it. It’s about following the path you know is right for you.

The universe falls in with worthy plans and most especially with festive and expansive ones.”
― Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

 “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Here’s what I will do: I’ll show you how to live and love and work bold, fulfilled, and BadAss.

I’ll do that through straightforward, no bullshit conversation. I’ll ask hard questions that make you think about yourself and what you do. I want us to challenge each other to be ourselves, because there’s no one else to be. I want us to challenge each other to live fully, starting right now.

Because you know what? There’s no U-Haul behind a hearse.

Here’s what I want you to do: go to www.drleskertay.com. Right this minute all you’ll find there is a place to give me your name and email address, and a link back to this blog, Awakened Moments. You’ll also notice a countdown timer, clicking down the days until I launch the rebranded site.

When you’re done with that, if you’re a social media kind of person, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Between now and when the website timer gets to zero, I’ll send you an occasional email to update you on what’s coming, and I’ll include some ideas for living your life better. I’ll keep writing here on Awakened Moments until it’s ready to move over to the new site. And we’ll keep the conversation going on social media.


You know you’re a little intrigued, so what the hell. Let’s turn this place on its head, make some noise, kick some ass.

I say things other people don’t because if I die tomorrow, I don’t want to know I’ve left something unsaid to someone who needed to hear it.― Erika Napoletano, this article on her blog

Dr. Les Kertay, Awakened Moments

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